Fast Forward

Issue Nr. 01: Cash and the City

FAST FORWARD is the first magazine to bring together diverse voices from architecture, real estate, and politics to address big questions about the future of the city. Inspired by our conference Architecture Matters, we seek to discover what connects us beyond the obvious differences, and to engage with people who are leaving their mark on the world. Curious, free of ideology, and unafraid of differing opinions, we enter into a lively dialogue with a wide variety of actors and personalities – from start-up entrepreneurs, developers, and urban planners to war photographers.

Issue no. 01: Cash and the City

With contributions by Olga Aleksakova, Julia Burdova, Buromoscow, Moscow; Reinier de Graaf, OMA, Rotterdam; Elizabeth Diller, Diller Scofidio + Renfro, New York; Sergei Gordeev, PIK, Moscow; Jan Grarup, war photographer, Copenhagen; Franz-Josef Höing, Chief Building Director, Hamburg; Ulrich Höller, ABG Real Estate Group, Frankfurt; Tobias Sauerbier, SIGNA, Munich; Matthias Standfest, Archilyse, Zurich; Christiane Thalgott, City Planning Commissioner ret., Munich; Erion Veliaj, Mayor of Tirana; Torben Bayer, Gira

This first issue is devoted to the complex interplay between cities and money. Until a few months ago, skyrocketing land and property prices around the world and their impact on society were omnipresent in the public debate. As of this printing, much is overshadowed by the Covid-19 pandemic. But it has not made any of these issues less relevant. Indeed, our living and working environments are changing even faster, as is the transformation of our inner cities. The global population is growing, and urban flight is not an option for the broad masses. We need concepts for dense, liveable, mixed cities that consume fewer resources in the future than they do today. City and money. Who are we building for? And why? What does quality mean for a building; what does liveability mean for a city? Can it be calculated? How is urban planning possible when money is scarce? How can all sides contribute to the common good?

Magazine on Cities and the Future

Issue No. 1
Cash and the City

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