The exhibition is conceived as a “chamber of marvels”, as an expanded realm of possibilities for the symposium. On display are works of emerging architects and artists who address the notion of “utopia” in experimental and poetic ways.

With Berlin Unseen–A secret view in the hidden architectural futures of the city, architect Julian Busch (*1980) explores hidden places in Berlin. He delves into their history and speculates on their possible uses. His focus lies more on creating visionary spaces than feasible building plans. His drawings, models and collages are like three-dimensional maps that unfold into narratives on the development of the architectural idea. One case in point is the Anatomische Theater, which unites science and entertainment. Here Busch addresses the Berlin Veterinary School's “anatomical theatre” lecture hall, built by Langhans (1789-90). Everything here has a double meaning. The entire building functions as both a “machine room” and “stage tower” where prepared specimens are used for theatre pieces along the upper tiers.

Troika’s installation The Weather Yesterday shines out like a Dadaist commentary. Troika pokes fun at society’s absurd urge to plan and determine everything in advance. Taking its title to heart, the installation is linked per WiFi to the Munich weather station to display yesterday’s weather. Troika consists of Conny Freyer (*1976), Sebastian Noel (*1977) and Eva Rucki (*1976), who met as students at the Royal Collage of Art. With their works the trio has developed an unique form of expression, situated at the intersection of rational explanation and subjective perception.

Cousins. Words between chairs. Voice to the piano. Fingertips grope sense. Bridges too high…  The award-winning film Cousin Cousine by filmmaker Maria Mohr (*1974) is a personal essay on the utopia of a love. Photographs, audio recordings and Super-8 film footage are brought together into an artful collage.

exhibition architecture Prof. Dr. Nadine Zinser-Junghanns, workbench 21
curated by Nadin Heinich, plan A

Alte Kongresshalle
Theresienhöhe 15
80339 Munich

26.2.–1.3.2014, 9–21.00
2.3.2014, 9–18.00

A project within the design week Munich Creative Business Week

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